Announcement MTR 2017


Meteora Trail Running

‘4th Meteora Trail Run’

A Race in Meteora’s heart

Sunday, 29th October 2017

SCA.METEORA, under the auspices of SEGAS (Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association), and in cooperation with the Municipality of Kalampaka and the support of the Region of Thessaly, announces the 4th Meteora Trail Run.

The race will be held under the terms below:

1. Date of the race: Sunday, 29th October 2017
2. Start – End: Central Square in Kalampaka
3. Race data:

a. Meteora Trail Running (23,000m Altitude -1350m). Starting time: 10:00 am

b. City Trail Meteora (5,000m Altitude 5,000m- 150m). Starting time: 10:30 am

c. Health Race for Kids (1,000m). Starting time: 10:05am

Further details regarding the various routes can be found in the official webpage of the organization:

    4. Rights of participation

– Those who are interested in participating at Meteora Trail Running should have reached the age of 18.
– Those who are interested in participating at City Trail Meteora should have reached the age of 12.
– Those who are interested in participating at Health Race (1.000m)  for Kids should have reached the age of 8.

   5. Excellence – Awards

– Meteora Trail Running

Awards (a medal and a cup) will be awarded to *

1.The first three (3) winners of the General Classification (Men & Women)
2.The first three (3) winners between 18-21 years old (Boys & Girls)
3.The first three (3) winners between 40-49 years old (Men & Women)
4.The first three (3) winners between 50-59 years old (Men & Women)
5.The first three (3) winners from 60+ years old (Men & Women)
6.The oldest person who finishes the race
* The athletes will be given a double award if they win not only in the general rating but also in the age one.
Those athletes who win but are absent from the award ceremony will not receive any award.
CityTrail Meteora

Awards (a medal and a cup) will be awarded to the first three (3) winners of the
General Rank (Men & Women).

Group Participations
Also, in both trails, the group with the best time, will be that which will result from the finishing time of the first 5 winners of the club.
All runners, who will finish, will receive a souvenir medal with the race logo on it. The participation certificate can be electronically acquired from the official webpage of the organization:

   6. Statement of Participation
The registration for the trails Meteora Trail Running & CityTrail Meteora should be completed (paid) till Monday, 23rd October 2017 and at 23:59 at the latest. Those participations which will be completed after the above deadline, the organizing committee will provide the athletes with only the participation number and the chip for the electronic time-measuring, full support at the refit stations and also coverage of medical services.

You can state your participation:

By filling in the registration form you will find in, following the instructions.

Participation fee

The participation fee for the 4th Meteora Trail Run is:

a.Meteora Trail Running: 20€ (20% discount for group participations from
5 people or more).

b.CityTrail Meteora: 10€

    7. Race benefits

Package of sports equipment and participation: A t-shirt, the participation number with a chip for electronic time-measuring, a medal with the race logo, water supply, isotonic drinks, refreshments, snacks and a light after-race meal. Also, medical services and a participation certificate.

    8. Methods of Payment

a. Deposit to a bank account: PIRAEUS BANK:
Account no 5615-047374-769
ΙΒAN: GR02 0172 6150 0056 1504 7374 769
Account Holder: SCAM

It is necessary to write your full name and the race you want at the reason of deposit.

Reimbursement-Cancellation policy:

Cancellations of the participations or reimbursement cannot be performed.
Those athletes, who have already paid but for several reasons cannot participate in the race they stated, can receive their package by mail, at their own cost, if they want to.

9. Medical Coverage

In any case, all the runners participate in their own exclusive responsibility. The organizators bear no responsibility for any kind of the athlete’s health problems, due to lack of preventive medical examination.
It is recommended that all participants undergo a recent medical examination. The organizers will not ask for any medical certificates, since all participants compete at their own responsibility. As far as the minors are concerned, their guardians assume any kind of responsibility.
As a preventive measure, during the race, two specialized physicians (a cardiologist and an orthopaedic) will be present.

Disclaimer: The Committee is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage of the competitors’ health, who by submitting their registration, declare they know the feasible dangers of the mountainous environment and certify ttheir physical condition permits them to compete and also they have recently been examined by a physician. None of the athletes will be asked to provide a medical certificate. The athletes themselves are obliged to proceed regularly in a preventive medical examination, in order to have a better control of their health. The Committee declines any responsibility regarding the athlete’s physical integrity, who should behave responsibly in those parts of the race where the risk of falling is increased, in order to void adverse or even fatal consequences.

    10. Technical Characteristics

Detailed information regarding the route, can be found in the official webpage of the organization:

Kilometres Signs.

During the race of Meteora Trail Running 23km, kilometers signs will be found per every kilometre.

Completion time limit / Race Exclusion

Exclusion time limits exist only for the 23km race and this is 4 hours (expiry 14:00) at the 18th km (4th supply station).
Termination time limit exists only for the 23km race and this is 5 hours (expiry 15:00).

Electronic Timing

An electronic timekeeping company has taken the responsibility to measure the race electronically, to make the registrations and the issue of the provisional results. For these reasons, all the runners should wear the electronic timing chip and their participation number, which will receive from the Registration Centre, the day of the race.
Those who will not show their electronic indication in the above mentioned points will not be classified. Electronic control and timing carpets, for the time registration will be at the starting point, half-way (3rd supply station) and at the endpoint.

Statements of objection – Results

Objections can be accepted within a time frame of 15 minutes since the race termination, only by the athlete in person; in written to someone of the organizational committee member, and after a communication with the person in charge of the supply station where the event took place.

The official results will be announced within ten working days. Immediately after the announcement of the official results, the runners can print their certificates of participation from the official website of the organization

11. Sponsor Gifts

After the announcement of the awards, a ballot based on the participation number of each athlete will take place.

The President The General Secretary
Karagiannis Nikolaos Ntampalis Vasileios